Refreshing Research done by us and presented to you!

MindMint provides anyone with an interest in research the opportunity to learn more about it, in a refreshing way, from experts in the field. We will present to you in various ways (video, blogs, social media and events) not only our own research but also our perspective on science and the world!

The ability to communicate your research to the general public is becoming increasingly important within academia and society. Terms such as ‘science communication’, ‘popularising research’, and ‘knowledge utilisation’ are becoming more prominent. But what does this all actually mean for those doing a PhD? And, how can you (as a PhD) actually ‘do it’?

There are only few opportunities specifically for PhDs to learn about and participate in communicating their own research. Welcome to Groningen’s first and only PhD research communication platform.

Best regards,

MindMint founders: Désirée and Steven

Founding Team: Dorieke Dijkstra, Annique Claringbould, Sandra Nagy, Marah Butzbach, Anne-Grete Märtson, Kiran Gurung, Smaran Deshmukh, Maria Ananchenkova


This brand new initiative was founded to give PhDs the opportunity to:

  1. Develop communication skills, especially but not limited to communicating their research to the public;

  2. Network with PhD students from various academic disciplines and other professionals;

  3. Have a positive impact on society by reducing the gap between research and the public by creating a platform that encourages the public to approach research.