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How do I become a member of the GOPHER board?

Every year, in September, current board starts looking for new prospective members. If you feel like you can bring something new to the life of Groningen PhD students (and have lots of fun in the meantime), you can send us an application via the form on this page.

After we receive your application, we set up an interview with you and a couple of current board members. If the interview goes well - welcome aboard! :)

What will my responsibilities be as a board member?

Basically, you will be in charge of organizing the events, all the way from coming up with ideas to making it actually happen. All board members participate in this aspect of our work - no doubt, the most interesting one!
Apart from that, each member has a distinct role and additional responsibilities that come with it:

  1. Chair represents GOPHER at official meetings, chairs the board meetings, makes agendas for them, sends out the monthly newsletter.

  2. Secretary - takes care of the mail, keeps records/minutes of the board meetings, assists the chair with administrative tasks.

  3. Treasurer - deals with the financial side: plans the budget, collects the participants' fees, pays the invoices.

  4. PR manager - promotes GOPHER at various events (such as PhD Day), takes care of designing, printing and distributing all printed promo materials.

  5. Website manager - keeps the GOPHER website, the Facebook page and all other digital resources updated.

  6. Head of educational events - oversees all educational events provided by GOPHER, makes plan for them, collects feedback from the students on what kind of educational events (workshops/lectures) they want to have.

  7. Head of recreational events - takes care of all recreational events, such as sports activities, excursions to other cities, dancing classes etc.

I have no experience as an organizer. Can I still join the board?

Of course! Don't worry, you will get a lot of help from fellow organizers and the board members of previous years. There is also a collection of the organizers' experience with the events over the last 7 years, which will become available for you as an organizer. Moreover, in October, you will participate in the board transition period, when the members of the old and the new board work together.   

I want to join the board, but I'm not sure about the exact position...

It is in no way mandatory to know that beforehand - try and see for yourself! You will also have to work with other board members and be somewhat flexible about the exact responsibilities of each person. We all have our strengths and weaknesses, and it is up to you as a team to find out the best way to use those.

What do I get out of it?

Massive organizational experience, exponential growth of your network (both among the students and the University administration), 6 ECTS, a unique ability to get things done in an efficient way, a chance to make a difference, friends for life.

At least, that's what we got ;)

Hope to hear from you soon!