Désirée Goubert Appears in the UK Newspaper

Désirée Goubert, Chief Executive Director of MindMint, is interviewed in the UK newspaper on her PhD research on epigenetics and her work on research communication. She tells us more about it here:

As a researcher I am passionate not only about the work I do, but also about communicating it to the world. By giving talks to the general audience, accepting interviews and setting up platforms like MindMint, I want to engage even more researchers to do the same. Learn how to explain your work in an appealing way and increase the impact you make!

Being thankful for every opportunity I get and trying to network as much as possible, I was absolutely stoked when the Ukrant contacted me after one of their journalists attended a talk by me about designer babies (Kennis diner organised by Studium Generale). It’s important to open a conversation about what we do, and I hope that with this interview a lot of people start thinking about the implications of Epigenetic Editing!

Read the full article: 'EPIGENETICS IS NO SCI-FI: The future is already here' in the UK

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