First GOPHER Dungeons and Dragons...and many to come?

Dear all,

We've completed our Dungeons and Dragons event and we would like to offer special thanks to:

  • Purperen Draak, for hosting and supporting
  • the DMs, who have put a lot of hard work into creating and guiding us through the adventures
  • Lux Pizza  for feeding us over 9000 cool pizzas 
  • Bake My Day for offering the best Cake (or death) to our lovely DMs

Check out the pics here or on Flickr - special thanks also to Janene, who took some of them. If you have other pics, send them at and don't forget to fill out the evaluation forms!

The Purple Dragon (Purperen Draak), pic by Janene

The Purple Dragon (Purperen Draak), pic by Janene



Gopher Groningen