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Murder Mystery Treasure Hunt

treasurehunt (1).jpg

A man is dead. A very famous man. The police is stumped. The greatest detectives are confused. There is no evidence, only clues. The suspects are forthcoming, but crazy.

Will YOU and your team take the task to solve this mystery and pass the challenges laid out before you? 

Please register individually and write the name of your team in the field provided. The first clue will be delivered to you upon participation confirmation -  after payment of 3 euro :)

The maximal number of team members is 6 people. If you do not have the team, you can still sign up, and we will find one for you ;)

Name *
Write here the team in which you participate. If you have no team, please write "NONE".
They should all sign up individually as well!
Do you have a GOPHER card? *
Earlier Event: September 28
Later Event: October 1
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