New board of GOPHER

Hello and welcome fellow PhDs!

First a big thank you to all of you who make Gopher possible and without whom we do not have so much amazing activities. And another big thank you to the former Gopher Board for such great work. They have done an excellent job organizing all these activities, and continued to make Gopher better.

Wait!? Former board of Gopher? Yes, there is a new board! Another big thank you to Carolin, Shaomin, Steffie, Alina, Xuelai, Ioana, and Vincent! It is a honor and privilege to introduce to you the new board of Gopher: Everhard (chair), Fatemeh (secretary), Suzanne (treasurer), Zhen (website), Arezoo (head of recreational events), Laurent (head of educational events).

We, the new board, are looking forward to meet all of you and will do our best organizing events for you and opportunities for us all to get together, and share a happy time.

Good News: You have still time to join the new Gopher Board. Are you the creative and innovative person we are looking for? Come join us and become the PR-manager of Gopher!

Wishing you all a successful academic year and looking forward to seeing you,

The new Gopher board

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Gopher Groningen
New year, new us

We are happy to present you a new GOPHER website! Here you can find the calendar of upcoming events, information on GOPHER structure and functions, answers to some frequently asked questions, photos from our previous events and more.

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, and subscribe to our newsletter to be informed of all GOPHER activities.

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Gopher Groningen